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The purpose of this site is to help share knowledge about events, clubs and Amateur radio groups throughout Saskatchewan. We hope you will enjoy our site, with a different look.

Here in Western Canada the vast open spaces make for some interesting challenges for Amateur Radio. We have a relatively small population compared to our land mass. Over the years Saskatchewan radio operators have tried to bridge the distance gap with a combination of different linking techniques. These are comprised of a radio and Internet based repeaters throughout the southern and northern areas.

There is also activity in the High Frequency radio bands with Nets to help those outside the reach of VHF & UHF repeaters. Please join with us here on the website where we try and bring areas of our province closer together by learning a little about different clubs, organizations and the events and activities they take part in.

SARL Directors & Executive.

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At the very bottom of this page, just above the copyright you will see a + - reset. If you are having a problem reading the print on this website, click the + sign 2 or 3 times, and the print will become larger. If you forget how many times you clicked, just press the reset and it will go back to the original size. I had this put in as I know there are times when my eyes are not as good as they should be due to that thing they call "Aging". Hope this helps all those with eye problems not just us older hams.

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SARL:  2016 Flea-market/AGM 

Is over for another year.  If you club would be interested in hosting 2017, please let Val know.  She put your club name down.   

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Children Tangled in Dipole After Special Event Station Becomes Pokéstop

by K5KAC, on the scene:



VERMILION, OREGON – The Vermilion City Amateur Radio Club awoke early yesterday morning to the cries of local children tangled in their 80m dipole. pokemon_dipole.

“From far away I could see the screens of their iPhones glowing as they called out for help in getting untangled. It was the loudest racket I’ve ever heard,” said Ash Allman, who lead the effort in freeing the kids.

The children were caught in the dipole after the S.S. Anne Park and Marina was named a Pokéstop in the popular mobile game Pokémon GO. A Pokéstop is an area, typically a landmark or park, where Pokémon Trainers can converge to get prizes and set lures to attract rare Pokémon characters. A player must physically visit these locations to collect the rewards.

“We were all set up to work into the night, but the band conditions went south so we decided to get some rest,” lamented Misty Brock, the event organizer. “It wasn’t until morning that we found about a dozen kids wrapped up in the legs of the dipole.”

At press time, the special event station had been forced to cease operation due to lack of participation, with one member finding a high-level Charmander character in his tent and the rest wandering the nearby tree line looking for a Clefairy.


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For change of address for IC/RAC/SARL, please go to the Membership Information page.

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We now have a Swap'n'Shop section on the website.  If you have anything you want to sell, or need, please send your information to me, include your name, contact information, what it is you are selling, please include picture if possible (do not resize) and any other information that you think is required.  Please send everything to Val at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will get it posted for you. Thanks so much.

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Anyone who took pictures at any of the ham-fests (even the older ones - pre 2005)

please send to Val VE5ACJ by snail mail or by email .

please don't re-size

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Just want to wish all who have a Birthday , Anniversary or other special event in




 all the very best that life can offer.




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