Here are Several Forms You May Use

All are in PDF format

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Membership/Renewal Form

Trophy Nomination Form

Grant Application Form 

Expense Claim Form



If you have been a SARL member for a while, there is no need to fill out a new form. Just send in your cheque Bank or Postal Money Order into the SARL.  Address below. Unless you have a new address, or have new email, or a new phone number you do not have to fill out a new form.  Thank you.

Please check the date on your membership card. That tells you when your membership expires.  ie: 2017....trust me...it is time to renew.

You now can fill the forms out on line.  Just trying to make it easier for all.  Just type your information in, print out the form and mail it in.  

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Mailing address:

Box 234
Chaplin, Sask.  SØH ØVØ





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