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This page is for all hams who have items for sale. Please send your info to Val, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ads are posted for 2 months, and can be extended by notifying me before the expiry date.  

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1.  Near new ALINCO ems57 dtmf mic from the dr series radio. works on dualband and mono band. same wiring as kenwood radios also. this mic is a fine specimen ansd used little. new price-45 dollars and shipping

For more information please contact Brent

Phone: 1-250-497-5651
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Posted April 29/18


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Dear Friends in Amateur Radio World:

As I have been away from Amateur radio for so long, I would like to sell all articles listed below.

All items listed are in a cabinet containing 31 drawers, 4 x 4, 6 x 2, 2 x 1, and 1 x 1.

  • Small lights, 
  • small clamp connectors, 
  • switches {mounted - 6},
  • adaptors & connectors of all kinds - male female,
  • real small nuts & bolts, 
  • 4 20w 8ohms resistors, 
  • dozens of diodes and transistors - 2N487l, TOYO},
  • l used RADICATOR meter, 
  • 24 potenometers with bottoms of all kinds, 
  • Mallory PB 311.2, 
  • octal base electrolytic & various plug-in coils, 
  • output audio transistor 2N 155 installed & speaker 401-163, 
  • power amplifier - BLOCKMODULE 8M-4, 
  • 6 clip cords, 
  • 3 way switch with 3 ft cable (8 lines), 
  • power plug for car/plug in, 
  • hearing aid with cord & plug, 
  • some fuse boxes, fuses {4 boxes & 2 mounted 43-553), 
  • MOSLEY c& t 500, 
  • TV/VCR switch,  
  • I TAP MACOM BMT 12 splitter, 
  • Sprague 10000-10 DC)Dl7953-647), 
  • 20 pieces of various connectors & splitters in different shape & size, 
  • VHF connectors HFS-2, 
  • 2-way power divider PIN 10035-2, 
  • direct plug-in transformer unit (ROSTECH), 
  • plug-in power supply(AD- 0915-CS), power transformer (listed 6697/class 2), 
  • 5 cables with connectors, 
  • 2 different antenna system, 
  • RWl 3 14000 ohms resistor, 
  • nuts and bolts and screws of all size (to much to count).

You will find that many audio, TV, VHF and computer connectors were never used.  There are so many different ones, miniature, small, extra, and there are some that are adapters. I would like $200.00 for the cabinet and contents

Next, my last radio.

  • Yaesu FT- 208 with an NC8 power supply, 
  • a speaker microphone YM24A,  
  • antenna and a manual; 
  • Original cost$350.00, I bought it for $145.00. Still in working order I would like $50.00.

In cabinet (Pirouline) # A:

  • 10 ft audio cable 1vith jacks, red, yellow & white, 
  • 6 ft power cable for computer, 
  • 2 -6 ft telephone cords, 
  • car adapter/charger (PA-3), 
  • 3 cords with AMPHENOL jacks.

In cabinet (Pirouline) # B:

  • Antenna mount with KULROD LM 150 and cord, 
  • AC/DC adaptor class 3- 1200 ma, 
  • SWR_ meter 2T - 1.8 - 150MHZ, 
  • another antenna 46+ 

Start your bids at $250. There is more than mentioned. Come and see them at Prairie Villa in Assiniboia.

For more information, please contact:

Hilaire Hamonic , VE5NG
Phone:   1-306-642-3714

Posted April 24/18

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For Sale

1.  Kenwood  TS-440S
Receives and Transmits but display is intermittent Has AT but doesn’t work I used an external tuner
2.  MC-60 mic

May be able to meet in Saskatoon. Items in Green Lake/Meadow Lake area.

David- VE5OLB
Phone:  Cell /text 306-304-1356 or
Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Posted April 13/18


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1. Astron RS-35M  Power Supply with displays AMPS and VOLTS
2. Denton Antenna Tuner, model MT-3000A
3. 150-feet of copper wire, 14 gauge, 7 strands
4. ICOM 735 HF Transceiver with manual, full general cover all mode
5. Rig Blaster with manual, cables, disk
6. Bay Pac model BP-1 packet modem, with disk
7. YAESU 6 meter rig, Model FT-690R with case and DTMF microphone
8. Base Broadband HF Folded Dipole Antenna,
Commercial grade, like new.  For short, medium and long haul, easy to install as inverted vee, flat top or slopper, no adjustments and no tuning, completely assembled, and simple to use. Centre feed.  (This antenna is similar to Barker & Williamson folded dipole antenna, model BWDS-90N S/S 90 Foot Folded Dipole Antenna, w/‘N’ conn
9. Eco Keyer II model MFJ-401B and Bencher keyer
10. Timewave DSP-59+
11. Radio Shack 2M power amplifier
12. Kenwood Mobile 2M, TM-251 transceiver
13. 144-220 Mhz SWR/Wattmeter, MFJ-812B,
14. Handheld Transceivers (need batteries)

  • a. Kenwood TH-79A, 2M
  • b. Kenwood TH-28A, 2M
  • c. Radio Shack VHF - FM Transceiver, HTX-202
  • d. Radio Shack UHF - FM Transceiver, HTX-404

All of above for sale for $1200 and shipping

For more information please call Lloyd, VE5UX,
Phone:  306-842-6772,
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Posted April 10/18






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