A Home Station Away From Home 



The way we were many years ago


The way we now with some TLC


VE5LRB "outside the shack", his first home-brewed trapped out & contact on 20M


The shack needs some paint


Liam VE5LRB, Ken VE5KRB, Solar Panels- home-brewed


Gus VE5SPI (SK) Liam VE5LRB placing the 6M antenna


Our newly acquired trailer--better sleeping conditions compared to picture #1


Congratulations VE5LBL


Our magnetometer with activity on X profile.  Unit loaned to us from U of S


Magnetometer 200 ft from the shack


Echos & doppler shift of Aurora Reflector of 6M beacon pointed over Greenland


Some Dates & Times:  Plots from various latitued of magnetometer station






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