Meetings In and Around the Province


Do you have any special meetings that you want other hams to be able to attend?  Do you know of any meetings that hams should attend?

Once again, this page is for all of our Saskatchewan hams not just SARL members.  Please help us with information.  We are a large province, and unless we have the information, there is no way we as webmasters can be all seeing and all knowing.  We do try, but we do have our limits.

Thank you again for your help.  Let's keep this website current and up-to-date.





Coffee breaks around 3:00 PM and 9:00 Pm if anyone is available

Call on the repeater 147.24 (+600) or 146.88 (- 600)

Someone might be listening! If you are passing through, just give a shout on the repeaters and there may be someone interested in a coffee!


Coffee Break Saturdays - 9 AM Haywoods's Restaurant Eastview Shopping Centre 3016 Arlington Avenue

Moose Jaw Pioneers Seniors ARC

We will be at Chillers Brew Pub
510 Home St W, Moose Jaw

October 30/17 at 11:30 am

Regina Amateur Radio Association

We have a Saturday breakfast get together at Nickys Cafe at 1005 8th Ave, Regina from ~7:30 am to about ~9:00 am






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