The Saskatchewan Amateur Radio League
Members in Good Standing



VE5JJA John Alexandersen Prince Albert
VE5DA Doug Appleton Regina  LM
VE5AJA Tony Arkles Regina
VE5TEN Hein Bertran Preeceville
VE5YAK Carla Candler Chaplin
VEDLC David Candler Chaplin
VA5KMG Mitchell Candler Chaplin
VE5CAT Garf Challoner Norquay
VE5KC Ken Crowston Battleford
VE5AVD Vince Dewing Spalding
VE5DC Jerry Dixon Sintaluta   LM
VE5ADN Kay Dixon Sintaluta
VE5HAE Harry Enquist Prince Albert
VA6RHG Ralph Garnet Medicine Hat
VE5UJ Gordon Gwillim Strasbourg   LM
VE5OK Karen Gwillim Regina
VE5ACT Peggy Gwillim Strasbourg
VE5UU George Harwood Pilot Butte   LM
VE5JV Cliff Holm Battleford
VE5RMK Rodney Kozey Raymore
VE5HV Arnold Krieger Jansen   LM
VE5AC Harvey Lemko Moose Jaw
VE5ACJ Val Lemko Moose Jaw
VE5XO Murray MacFarlane Oxbow
VE5OW Aaron Madsen Tisdale
VE5FX Bj Madsen Tisdale
VE5FL Kathy Madsen Tisdale
VE5EE Lyle Maystruck Regina
VE5BI Ken Millard Waldeck
VE5LCM Larry Mills Rocanville
VE5MO Clarence Moen Colonsay  LM
VE5BAR Chris Morgan Saskatoon  LM
VE5LND Linda Morgan  Saskatoon  LM
VE5RO Roly Oakenfold Saskatoon  LM
VE5BJO Brian Olson Moose Jaw
VE5VP Val Pestyk Regina  LM
VE5WT Don Peterson Rabbit Lake
VE5RAE Ray Rosler North Battleford
VE5RGS Rick Schwab Battleford
VE5TDS Taylor Schwab Battleford
VE5HUG Brenda Schwab Battleford
VE5KID Chelsey Schwab Battleford
VE5SS Grant See Preeceville
VE5RJT Robert Tomlinson Swift Current
VE5HA Barry Weilgoz Melfort
VE5LTD Bob Wilks Regina
VE5AU Mike Yaschuk Moose Jaw  LM

Updated Nov. 22, 2019

If your name is not here, Carla has not received your cheque or you have forgotten to pay your membership. Please remember, our year runs from September 1st to August 31st of current year.  So if you pay now, you are good until August 31, 2020 

****NOTE:  Just to be clear, even if you don't pay your dues until December, your new dues are still due Aug. 31st of the current year.****

Please check with Carla, VE5YAK at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mail your cheques to:

Box 234
Chaplin, Sask




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